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Mix 'N Rub Seasonings
Mix 'N Rub Seasonings
Mix 'N Rub Seasonings
Item#: rubs

Use our Mix 'N Rubs to add a burst of flavor to your foods. Mix 'N olive oil to create a paste to rub on your meats before baking or grilling or Rub directly on for a dry rub. Choose from:

Espresso Mix 'N Rub (Option Espresso)
Wake up your steak, chicken or salmon! Apply liberally to coat all the sides and lock in the juices.

Mediterranean Mix 'N Rub (Option Mediterranean)
Sprinkle as a seasoning on salads and vegetables, add to your olive oil and vinegar marinade, or mix with olive oil for a bread dipping oil.

Smoky BBQ Mix 'N Rub (Option BBQ)
Rub on meats before grilling or baking and optionally finish with our BBQ Slather. The combination is out of this world on ribs! Mix 'N mayonnaise to for a sandwich or hamburger spread.

Espresso Mix 'N Rub contains ground espresso, brown sugar, sea salt, spices, pepper.
Mediterranean Mix 'N Rub contains dried herbs, sea salt, pepper.
Smoky BBQ Mix 'N Rub contains spices, brown sugar, sea salt, pepper.

6 oz. stainless and glass container